The Usborne Time Traveler

Author: Judy Hindley
Categories:   General  Elementary
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Description from [Customer Review] This book is recommended for ages 9-12, but my 6-year-old ate it up and my 4-year-old enjoyed it too. I bought it because my girls are going through a knights and castles thing, and this was recommended as a good place to learn about them. I thought we'd just read that section and put it on the shelf until the other subjects came up. Well my 6-year-old saw things differently. She loves this book. She loves the way it is laid out and what she is learning from it. She had no interest in Vikings or Romans or Egyptians before this, but now she wants more on all these topics. And it is a fun book for me to read... [more at Amazon link below]
Available Online: Amazon $7.47 (prices include shipping)
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