The Runaway

Author: Patricia St John
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Description from [Editor's Review] Philo, a first-century Phoenician boy, is worried about his family. Evil hangs over their house like a cloud. And it all seems to come from his sister Illyrica, who is possessed by a demon. Hearing about a prophet from Nazareth who has healed the sick and even raised the dead, Philo wonders if He can save his sister. But the mere mention of the prophet's name sends Illyrica into fits of rage and despair. Even if the prophet really is as powerful as people say He is, how can Philo and his little sister, Ione, take Illyrica to Him to be healed? Hopeless, Philo runs away from home. But everywhere he goes he... [more at Amazon link below]
Available Online: Amazon $6.83 (prices include shipping)
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