George Washington and the Founding of a Nation

Author: Albert Marrin
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Comments: Well written and beautifully illustrated. A real treat for the middle schooler (or adult) learning about the greatest American of them all.
Description from [Editor's Review] A fascinating, fast-paced account of our first president's life and times Albert Marrin examines the "father of our country" from the perspectives of his character, military experience, and also his slaveholding, to assess Washington's role in our history. A born leader with a commanding physique, unwavering self-discipline, and an unconquerable will to succeed, he was also-as Lord Fairfax observed when Washington was only sixteen-"a man who will go to school all his life." Washington's schools were the rugged country of the French and Indian War, the misery-creating insolvency of the Continental Army, and the... [more at Amazon link below]
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