Westward Ho!

Author: Charles Kingsley
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Comments: Beginning in the fictional seaport of "Bideford Quay" near the real Bideford in North Devon during the reign of Elizabeth I, Westward Ho! follows the adventures of Amyas Leigh, an unruly child who as a young man follows Francis Drake to sea. Amyas loves local beauty Rose Salterne, as does nearly everyone else. Much of the novel involves the kidnap of Rose by a Spaniard. Amyas spends time in the Caribbean seeking gold, and eventually returns to England at the time of the Spanish Armada, finding his true love in the process; yet fate had blundered and brought misfortune into Amyas's life, for Amyas loses his brother Frank Leigh and Rose Salterne, which two were caught by the Spaniards and were burnt alive. [source: Wikipedia.org]
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