History of Art for Young People

Author: Anthony Janson
Categories:   General  MiddleSchool
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Comments: A beautiful, engaging history as shown in artworks of sculpture and painting. Understandable at the middle school level, though some of the art depicts sexuality and violence so parental discretion advised.
Description from Amazon.com: [Editor's Review] For 40 years this widely praised work has remained unsurpassed as an introduction to art in the Western world. And now-with a more contemporary, more colorful design and with 30% more color illustrations than in previous editions-this newest update of the Janson classic is an enticing volume. The book features improved sections on ancient art, modern architecture, Mannerism, and Romanticism. This edition has been heavily rewritten and edited so that it is far easier to read and remember. With the matchless credibility of the Janson name, this convenient-to-use reference-written with the pre-college student in... [more at Amazon link below]
Available Online: Amazon $8.99 (prices include shipping)
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