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How it Works
Audible is a subscription club for audiobooks you listen to on a standard mp3 player such as Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, or hundreds of other common devices. Perfect for commuters, joggers, and others with time for learning on the go.

How it Works
You pay a monthly fee and receive your choice of audiobook every month. Audiobooks are downloaded from the internet into your mp3 device or mp3-capable phone. Nothing is mailed or shipped. There are several plans depending on how many audiobooks you want to download each month. If you aren't ready for a new book each month, you can 'rollover' up to 6 months worth of credits.

For a standard account of 1 audio book a month, the price is $7.95 a month for the first 3 months and $14.95 a month thereafter. There are no additional shipping or handling fees.

Types of Books
Audible has a catalog of over 60,000 titles in a variety of books old and new, many different authors, all categories.

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