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When you Join
This is a variation on the traditional book club. Members pay a monthy fee and receive their choice of book each month. New members get 1 Free book. When you join, you create a personal reading list. Every month, they send you the top book on your list. You pay $9.95 a month - shipping is always free. Obligation is to remain a member for 3 months. Membership can be cancelled any time after that.

How it Works
No catalogs or reply cards are sent. Instead you have an account on their website where you keep a list of books you want. Every month you get the book on the top of your list

$9.95 per book and books have free shipping. No hidden costs.

Types of Books
Hardback new editions of recently published books. Not many classics from the past. Wide variety including novels, mysteries, home, health, cookbooks, Christian books, children's books, science, etc.

Hard to go wrong with hardback books for $9.95 and no shipping fees! BOMC2 has a wide selection so should have several books you want. Where else can you buy new, hardback books, delivered to your home for $9.95? Take a look at the selection on their website and decide if this is the best club for you.

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