Conservative Book Club

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When you Join
New members get 3 books for $3.
Obligation is to buy 4 books at regular Club prices within the next 2 years. Membership can be cancelled any time after that. You can buy your first Club book when you join for $7.95 (plus another $1 shipping) and reduce your obligation to just 3 more books in 2 years.

How it Works
Catalogs are sent every 3-4 weeks and reviews a Featured Selection and about other titles. The Featured book is sent automatically unless you decline it by the deadline date in the Catalog. You can decline the Feature or order another book at the club website or by mail.

The total shipping cost for new member introductory books is $5.95 for 3 booka, or $6.95 for 4 books. Catalog prices are 20 to 50% off of the standard retail prices.

Types of Books
Most are hardback new editions of recently published books. Focus is on politics, government, history, and current events from a conservative political perspective.

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