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How it Works
PaperbackSwap is a free service. Members list books they are willing to give away. You mail a book when requested and another member mails you a book you request. All you pay is the cost to mail out your book. You are the new owner of any book you receive.

How it Works
Sign up at the PaperbackSwap website and list your books you want to "swap" out. Another member requests a book on your list and you mail them the book. This gives you a "credit" good for any book on any other member's list. Find the book you want and request it. The book you receive belongs to you.

Just the cost to mail out a requested book - usually about $2 for a paperback book. You can also purchase 'credits' for $3.45 each, which allow you to request a book even if you have not mailed out a book recently.

Types of Books
With over 4 million books listed, the variety is endless. Since the books are paperbacks, don't expect large reference books, atlases, etc.

While the swap method is low cost, many of the books you might receive may be quite worn. Members will likely sell books worth more than a couple on Ebay rather than swap them out for just shipping cost. A good service at a great price. Just be careful not to send off valuable books since you may be disappointed to receive a worn-out book in return.

Similar Clubs
In this day of low cost shipping and with almost the entire civilized world connected online, the "swap" idea is catching on. Others to check out include Title Trader, Swap Tree, and America''s Bookshelf.

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