The banana tree
blown by winds pours raindrops
into the bucket
by Basho
Beautiful delay,
making everything fall
quiet naturally
by Mark
Those falling blossoms
all return to the branch when
I watch butterflies
by Moritake

HAIKU is a minimalist poetic style, expressing fleeting moments of heightened awareness. A mere three lines, a great haiku captures and expresses a profound impression of emotion, thought, or understanding. Click Here to Add Your Haiku to the Widget and Gallery

Haiku poetry commonly consists of 17 sounds or syllables arranged in three lines - five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the final line. Typically, classic haiku speaks of nature and includes a seasonal word. Two ideas or images are often presented, where the power of the poem consists in the unspoken symmetry or tension between the two images.

Though originally often associated with nature, modern haiku can express any sentiment, relationship, or idea. The three line structure is maintained while the strict 17 syllable 5-7-5 structure is considered a guideline. Modern, English language haiku is a very versatile form, extending well beyond the Asian imagery and ideas found in most classic Japanese haiku.

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From Knowing is Haiku "...Haiku doesn't involve metaphor. It lays down before the mind a pair of concrete objects or events, and from these apparently disconnected items it somehow points the mind to a third invisible thing, a very unique but universal species of human experience that is usually inexpressible in words. When a scientistic mind sees haiku, it can only giggle...; it only sees two disconnected physical events. It isn't able to connect to the invisible species sitting behind them. ...If we can never appreciate what’s going on in haiku, we will also have a hard time understanding what’s going on in Scripture, the Incarnation, and the world around us. All of them use the same pattern of knowing: the concrete unveils the invisible."

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The sound of wood bats
cracking as balls fly above
Homerun! Tigers win!
by Steve B. ©
Trees are not frightened
By a sheer, foreboding cliff-side
Or a silent fall.
by Grace E. ©
Looks artificial
yet the luxurious smell
proves a red rose real.
by Vivica Aramina ©
Spring blooms, but some trees
stay bare. Seedlings sprout below.
The circle of life.
by Raging Bull ©
Tired but restless,
my mind turns to poetry.
Haiku helps me sleep.
by Raging Bull ©
That great blue oak
indifferent to all blossoms
appears more noble
by Basho
Neck bent, legs trailing
Grey-blue feathers catch the sun
On his lonely flight
by Sally Clarke ©
Those falling blossoms
all return to the branch when
I watch butterflies
by Moritake
This dark autumn
old age settles down on me
like heavy clouds or birds
by Basho
Cozy coffee shop
"Is Theology Poetry?"
speechless in wonder
by Mark ©
Ah! Leave it! Back...No!
Sigh. The hardest animal
to train is myself.
by Leanne Betts ©
A solitary
crow on a bare branch-
autumn evening
by Basho
Hand wringing experts
light fourteen million boxes -
open rows up front
by Mark ©
Beautiful delay,
making everything fall
quiet naturally
by Mark ©
Stirring thoughts of tea;
My purring cat lays on me...
I am still again.
by Leanne Betts ©
birds left
by Roys Haiku ©
Lights Flickering Bright
Upon The Cityscape Stark
The Mock Milky Way
by Fay-yaaz Ahmed ©
mother take my hand,
hold it one last time
now is the time to be free
by Thomas AG Piccirillo ©
transparency writ
by the power of Heaven
to learn what life is.
by MBJ Pancras ©
Most of earth's music
Has always been with us.
Listen to the wind.
by Grace E. ©
Steel monster towers;
City shadowed with darkness
blackening all lives
by Shannon M ©
Elements unseen
amid skillful arrangements,
His artistic way
by Mark ©
delicious walk
into the orchard in joy
takes me to wonder.
by MBJ Pancras ©
Flying butterfly
Emerging from the cocoon
..sad in the daylight.
by Angeldo ©
weeping daughter cry
me a salt river of tears
before you return
by jules Honore ©
First autumn morning:
the mirror I stare into
shows my father's face.
by Murakami
Behold the ego
Set in glowing emptiness
On the edge of time
by Noel Kaufmann
At the ancient pond
a frog plunges into
the sound of water
by Basho
The morning paper
harbinger of good and ill -
I step over it
by Dave McCroskey
The Apricot tree,
laden. But it won't drop fruit
till they are rotten.
by Raging Bull ©
Nothing in the cry
of cicadas suggests they
are about to die
by Basho
the path of the worm
broken by puddles of rain
spring thunderstorm
by jameselle bond ©
God invented time.
But he is not subject to it,
Today or tomorrow.
by Grace E. ©
struggling to start
such an old school form of art
at least it's over now
by Skyler W. ©
Blowing in the wind,
Fifty fair fruit of freedom.
The Stars and the Stripes.
by Raging Bull ©
I draw back the shade
The sun is coming, coming,
But never quite here.
by Grace E. ©
If you change something,
The world probably won't change.
But it might.
by Grace E. ©
life's jigsaw puzzle
is hidden beneath Gods' wings
'till the end of time
by jameselle bond ©
Wind chases the leaves
In a freezing winter night
While each white flake sways.
by tri tran ©
create an omelet
to rescue your broken eggs.
cook slowly or else...
by jules Honore ©
Demonic whispers,
Cold embrace that is the fire,
Deafening silence.
by Wayne M Riley ©
pink yarn velvet sky
reminds me of Peter Max
in the spring sunset
by jameselle bond ©
Changes come in life,
they don't just merely happen.
There is a purpose.
by S. Mills ©
Whispers in the wind--
A motorcycle moves to
The sound of high speed
by Rich ©
Guard your heart my friend,
the queen of hearts you trust may
have a change of heart.
by Ashley M. ©
No man on earth
can raise or lower the sun
each morning and night
by jameselle bond ©
reading Heaven's Plan
in faith and love in Jesus
shows the Way to Him.
by MBJ Pancras ©
The old fisherman
unalterably intent -
cold evening rain
by Buson
loving my daisies
and their lackadaisical
approach to our lives
by Jules Honore ©
The banana tree
blown by winds pours raindrops
into the bucket
by Basho
Breakfast enjoyed
in the fine company of
morning glories
by Basho
a white pigeon
drops a feather in the yard
first winter snow
by Janak Sapkota ©
Windy day in France---
Leaves tumble in the cold air
While roses shiver.
by tri tran ©
Small city river
Calming place for pleasure boats
Sweet river dreaming
by Gemma Wiseman ©
thinking words we hear
living other's fantasies
through the tv screen
by Matthew Baxter Miller ©
A gardener 'allows'
A vine to curl around his fence.
But the fence will fall.
by Grace E. ©

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