Reviews: Book Clubs

Book Clubs are a good way to build your personal library. Choose a club that has the type of books you want and a price structure that fits your budget. With the right club, you'll get more books at better prices than you would at a retail or online book store.

There are several kinds of book clubs available. The "Traditional" clubs are the oldest style and are still going strong. One type of Traditional club focuses on very high quality books suitable for a lifetime, legacy library that will last centuries. "Discount" clubs have no continuing obligation, but allow members to buy books at substantially lower prices. The "Rental Rotational" clubs are a newer club style based on rental rather than ownership, inspired by the Netflix method of renting movies. "Subscription" clubs are convenient as you pay a monthly fee to receive a new book every month. Another recent variation inspired by MP3 players and phones are the "Audiobook" clubs which feature recordings instead of paper books. Finally, the internet has made practical several "swap" book clubs where you network with thousands of others and trade books through the mail.

Here summaries of many different clubs. If you are an avid reader now and want to expand you personal library, you may find one these is the answer. With so many different book clubs, it might be a good idea to join several.

Literary Guild
Doubleday Book Club
Book of the Month
Conservative Book Club
History Book Club
Military Book Club

ISI Book Readers Club

High Quality Bindings
Library of America
Folio Society

Rotation Rental -"Netflix" Model

BOMC2 Book Club

Audio Books

Swap By Mail
PaperBack Swap