History of the English Speaking Peoples

Author: Winston Churchill
Categories:   General  Secondary/Adult
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Comments: A splendid account of the English and her colonies from the days of the Roman Empire through the Victorian era. Churchill, the quintessential Englishman tells his people's story as only he can. Accessible at a 9th grade level and beyond. Kings, wars, bishops, and navy - must reading.
Description from Amazon.com: [Customer Review] To most people Churchill is known as one of Britain's greatest statesmen. That overshadows his literary achievements. He begins his account with Caesar's conquest of Britannia. The downfall of the Roman Empire plunges the colony into the Dark Ages. Britannia is not left unscathed by the waves of peoples' migrations sweeping across Europe. Germanic idioms of Saxon invaders replace Celtic dialects and coexist with the clergy's Latin. William the Conqueror casts French into the language melting-pot. England is racked by the War of the Roses until the Tudor dynasty unites and pacifies the country with iron... [more at Amazon link below]
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