Roots of American Order

Author: Russell Kirk
Categories:   General  Secondary/Adult
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Comments: Classic work of political history and philosophy tracing the threads of liberty and the rule of law from the Greeks, Hebrews, Romans, Medieval kings, through the Reformation and Enlightenment - to the founding of America and the establishment of the Constitutional. Recommended for any high school level government or history study.
Description from [Editor's Review] What holds America together? In this classic work, Russell Kirk describes the beliefs and institutions that have nurtured the American soul and commonwealth. Beginning with the Hebrew prophets, Kirk examines in dramatic fashion the sources of American order. His analytical narrative might be called "a tale of five cities": Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia. For an understanding of the significance of America at the dawn of a new century, Russell Kirk's masterpiece on the history of American civilization is unsurpassable. This edition includes a new foreword by the distinguished historian Forrest... [more at Amazon link below]
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