Winning His Spurs

Author: G. A. Henty
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Description from [Editor's Review] A complete and UNABRIDGED recording of the historically accurate G. A. Henty novel of the same title. Setting: AD 1190 — King Richard the Lionhearted - Europe and the Middle East — 3rd Crusade to the Hold Land. Story: Mr. Henty weaves a story of the life and times of King Richard the Lion-hearted that is yet to be equaled. Cuthbert de Lance, the hero of the story, is of Norman blood on his father’s side and Saxon by his mother. By providing timely aid to the Earl of Evesham, Cuthbert is rewarded by being allowed to go to the Crusade as his page. He gains a reputation for valor and prowess due... [more at Amazon link below]
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