The Biblical Philosophy of History

Author: R. J. Rushdoony
Categories:     Secondary/Adult
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Comments: Rushdoony's approach to theology and history was distinctively Christian and unapologetically Biblical and Reformed. His greatest contribution to historiography was in articulating a coherent, positive, and vigorously orthodox Biblical philosophy of history. He applied to historical studies Biblical truths about the sovereignty of God, the essentially religious nature of man, and the divinely ordained structure of the created order. Rushdoony approached history with certain givens. His approach was theistic, starting with the Creator who made heaven and earth. He emphasized God's sovereignty, arguing that God ruled all things by His almighty decrees and providence. He emphasized Scripture, confident that God spoke infallibly through His Word. Rushdoony's approach was ultimately teleological, viewing God as guiding history toward its appointed ends. (Source:
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