Three Philosophies of Life

Author: Peter Kreeft
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Comments: Reflections on life as vanity, suffering, and love from the books of Ecclesiastes, Job, and Song of Solomon. Stunning insights. One of EveryGoodBook's all-time Top 10.
Description from [Customer Review] Haven't read this book in four years (gave my copy to my cousin in the northern wilderness), but if memory serves, Kreeft's exegesis of these three Old Testament books was well thought out, occasionally colloquial, scholarly but not impenetrable, inspiring, apt, delightful.The readers who prefer the actual Biblical books being discussed to Kreeft's essays about those books are, of course, right in their preference -- but it should be added that, for this reader at least, Kreeft's "Philosophies" inspired us to take long, deep, reverent looks at the texts in question. Which we might not have done otherwise.We are... [more at Amazon link below]
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