Jonathan Edwards: A Life

Author: George Marsden
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Comments: A brilliant account of the man at the center of Colonial New England. America's foremost theologian portrayed as he was - much more than a Sunday morning preacher. Read this to understand the forces shaping pre-revolutionary America from 1720-1760.
Description from [Editor's Review] This definitive biography of America’s most important religious figure draws on newly available sources to reveal how he was shaped by the cultural and religious battles of his time.“A magisterial biography.”?—Wall Street Journal“The finest biography of this towering figure.”?—Benjamin Schwarz, Atlantic Monthly“One way to make sense of contemporary evangelicalism is to consider how it has both hewed to and strayed from the path laid down by one of its most brilliant founding fathers. Thanks to Marsden’s authoritative new biography . . . the path is now more... [more at Amazon link below]
Available Online: Amazon $10.18 (prices include shipping)
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