Alexander Hamilton: A Biography

Author: Forrest McDonald
Categories:   Biography  Secondary/Adult
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Comments: Very readable, compelling account of an often overlooked Founding Father. McDonald's book will convince you that Hamilton's importance is second only to Washington regarding the survival and flourishing of the American nation.
Though published in 1982, McDonald's account of Hamilton's efforts as Secretary of Treasury to establish investor confidence and pay down the enormous foreign debt of the newly established nation read much like 2008-2009 financial market headlines.
A great book on a brilliant man whose insight and confidence preserved a fragile country.
Description from [Customer Review] You won't want to put this book about the architect of American government down. McDonald has written an extremely well researched book about Alexander Hamilton, the man who arguably did more to set the American government in motion than any of the other founders. Not only thorougly written, but the author weaves the events of Hamilton's most interesting and significant life into a very readible book. The author is a first class biographer and writer.Although George Washington has been described as the "indispensible man" of the Revolution, the title "indispensible man of the first administration" rightly... [more at Amazon link below]
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