City of God

Author: St. Augustine
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Comments: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire from Augustine who lived near the end of the empire. The Magnum Opus of Augustine, arguably the most important philosopher of all time.
Description from [Editor's Review] Augustine's City of God, a monumental work of religious lore, philosophy, and history, was written as a kind of literary tombstone for Roman culture. After the sack of Rome, Augustine wrote this book to anatomize the corruption of Romans' pursuit of earthly pleasures: "grasping for praise, open-handed with their money; honest in the pursuit of wealth, they wanted to hoard glory." Augustine contrasts his condemnation of Rome with an exaltation of Christian culture. The glory that Rome failed to attain will only be realized by citizens of the City of God, the Heavenly Jerusalem foreseen in Revelation. Because City... [more at Amazon link below]
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