The Trumpeter of Krakow

Author: Eric P. Kelly
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Description from [Customer Review] In the 13th century (1241), a Polish boy was killed by the arrow of an invading Tartar from the East, silencing his trumpet a few notes short of completion of the "Heynal," the Hymn to Our Lady, as he stood on a little balcony of the Church of Our Lady Mary in Krakow, Poland. Ever since that event subsequent trumpeters have stopped at the same point in the Heynal as it is sounded four times on the hour, all day and night as a signal that all is well. This legend is based in history. The story of Joesph Charnetski-Kowalski, set in 1461, is fictional. Joseph's father, Pan Andrew Charnetski is the guardian of the... [more at Amazon link below]
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