Modern Times

Author: Paul M. Johnson
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Comments: Essential for understanding our present day. Read after Johnson's History of the American People, it will give Americans a fundamental grasp on the world. Appropriate for ages 16 and up - very interesting reading.
Description from [Editor's Review] The history of the 20th century is marked by two great narratives: nations locked in savage wars over ideology and territory, and scientists overturning the received wisdom of preceding generations. For Paul Johnson, the modern era begins with one of the second types of revolutions, in 1919, when English astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington translated observations from a solar eclipse into proof of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which turned Newtonian physics on its head. Eddington's research became an international cause cél├Ębre: "No exercise in scientific verification, before or since, has... [more at Amazon link below]
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