Here I Stand

Author: Roland Bainton
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Comments: The classic biography on the most influential figure of the last 1000 years. Martin Luther, the man whose love of the truth led him to forsake all and directly challenge the most formidable force on the planet.
Description from [Customer Review] This biography is the most accurate and unprejudiced ever written on Luther (and I have read dozens of them). Bainton provides very lucid and vivid historical settings, events, people, and such surrounding the life of Luther. What is more, Bainton is quite fair-minded with regard to Luther's personal traits; I get tired of reading other biographers who try to psychoanalyze Luther and draw conclusions about his thinking based on pure speculations. Bainton renders a fair assessment of perhaps why, based on historical settings and events which were occurring during Luther's day, as to why he perhaps did and said some... [more at Amazon link below]
Available Online: Amazon $5.04 (prices include shipping)
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