High School Reading Lesson - 10th Grade

This 10th grade reading plan's theme is Western Civilization from the Romans through the Renaissance. See the other high school lesson plans for other themes. Remember this site's Search Feature is great for finding all types of books for high school and college readers. Click on the title for more details about each book.

History of Art for Young People by Anthony Janson
A beautiful, engaging history as shown in artworks of sculpture and painting. Understandable at the middle school level, though some of the art depicts sexuality and violence so parental discretion advised.

Church History in Plain Language by Bruce Shelley
Not a dry account, but a compelling story of the most powerful force in Western History - the Church. Shelley's book can be used as a main source for a Western Civilization study. An EveryGoodBook recommendation for homeschoolers.

Consequences of Ideas by R. C. Sproul
Overview of philosophy from pre-Socratic Greeks through 20th century. Layman's explanation of enlightenment, existentialism, nihilism, etc. Perfect for high school students.

Confessions by St. Augustine
St Augustine's autobiographical reflections on philosophy, theology, history, and humanity. Near the top of EveryGoodBook's all time Top-10 list.

The Apostle: A Life of Paul by John Pollock
From biblical accounts and knowledge of Roman culture, Pollock pieces together an outstanding account of the Paul the Apostle. A joy to read.

Augustine of Hippo by Peter Brown
Superb study of St. Augustine's life and thought. Great look into Roman culture from the perspective of one of the most important men to ever live.

Inferno by Dante Alighieri
Written 700 years ago and more alive than ever - Dante's Inferno has no equal. Breathtaking account of a tour of Hell gives a glimpse into pre-Renaissance Italian life and the heart of mankind. Ciardi's translation is superb and the many footnotes help the reader keep pace as Dante tours the underworld.

St. Thomas Aquinas by G. K. Chesterton
Delightful book describing medieval society and one of the West's most important figure - Thomas Aquinas. Not your typical biography, but a wonderful, quirky ramble in Chesterton's unique style.

St. Francis by G. K. Chesterton
Story of St. Francis and medieval Europe in Chesterton's unique, whimsical style. Not so much a biography, as a reflection on human nature and the purposes of God in normal lives.