High School Reading Lesson - 12th Grade

The 12th grade reading plan includes books across all historical periods. The aim is to broaden the maturing students understanding of philosophical, sociological, and theological ideas that have formed the modern world. Beautiful literature and inspiring poetry are included as well. The books listed would form the foundation of a life-long personal library one could return to throughout life.

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Resounding Truth by Jeremy Begbie
A survey of music from Pythagoras through the 20th century; philosophical history of how music has been understood. An important, fascinating book.

City of God by St. Augustine
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire from Augustine who lived near the end of the empire. The Magnum Opus of Augustine, arguably the most important philosopher of all time.

Pensees by Blaise Pascal
Brilliant insights very relevant to our modern day. Peter Kreeft (Boston College) edits and adds profound commentary.

Modern Times by Paul M. Johnson
Essential for understanding our present day. Read after Johnson's History of the American People, it will give Americans a fundamental grasp on the world. Appropriate for ages 16 and up - very interesting reading.

Three Philosophies of Life by Peter Kreeft
Reflections on life as vanity, suffering, and love from the books of Ecclesiastes, Job, and Song of Solomon. Stunning insights. One of EveryGoodBook's all-time Top 10.

The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton
Chesterton's world history survey. A philosophical tour de force centered on Jesus Christ as the center of all human history.