Middle School Reading Lesson - 6th Grade

Plan your reading assignments according to other subjects your students are studying, such as historical period or biographies. Here's a plan for a 6th grade level survey of world history. Books are listed roughly according to time period, ancient to modern. This is merely the reading book list - many more details on an entire 6th grade curriculum related to these books can be found here.

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The Histories by Herodotus
Herodotus is considered the first historian. This ancient work portrays life in early Greek, Babylonian, and Egyptian cultures. An interesting book that will live on for thousands of years.

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare
In this Newbery Medal-winning novel, Daniel bar Jamin is fired by only one passion: to avenge his father's death by crucifixion by driving...

The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff
In a.d. 125, a young Roman centurion must recover the infamous Ninth Legion's missing symbol of honor, the eagle standard.

Plutarch's Lives by Plutarch
Plutarch's Lives, written at the beginning of the second century A.D., is a brilliant social history of the ancient world by one of the...

The Lantern Bearers by Rosemary Sutcliff
Threatened by a tide of invaders, the last of the Roman Auxiliaries are to leave Britain forever. But Aquila, a young legionnaire, chooses...

The Dragon and the Raven by G. A. Henty
King Alfred's battles with the Danish invaders of England. Historically accurate; reproduces the faith and concerns of the era.

Here I Stand by Roland Bainton
The classic biography on the most influential figure of the last 1000 years. Martin Luther, the man whose love of the truth led him to forsake all and directly challenge the most formidable force on the planet.

St. Bartholomew's Eve by G. A. Henty
Unedited, unabridged, original format editions with original colored cover art, these Henty books reproduce the original in careful detail....

Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare by Diane Stanley
William Shakespeare was the son of a glovemaker, a small-town boy with a grammar school education. Yet he grew up to become the greatest...

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
This classic story of a shipwrecked mariner on a deserted island is perhaps the greatest adventure in all of English literature. Fleeing...

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
The most important and influential source of information about Plymouth, this landmark account was written by the colony's governor....

With Lee in Virginia by G. A. Henty
The Civil War through the eyes of a Southern teenager who staunchly supports the rights of slaves but joins Lee's cavalry and fights for the Confederacy.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Kerr
Anna is not sure who Hitler is, but she sees his face on posters all over Berlin. Then one morning, Anna and her brother awake to find her...