Folio Society Book Club

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When you Join
New members choose a set of several handsome volumes from several choices such as The Peter Rabbit Collection by Beatrix Potter, Civil War History, Oxford Dictionary, Leonardo DaVinci's Notebooks, etc.), paying between $10 and $20 with free shipping.
You agree to buy 4 more books at full price, with 4 weeks of receiving the introductory package.

How it Works
You order the books you want from the catalog or website. You are not sent a Monthly book or a Featured book as with many other clubs. After you've fulfilled the committment to buy 4 books, you become a Full Member. Members are eligible for further discounts and access to limited edition books.

Folio Society books are of the highest 'heirloom' quality and the price reflects that. A single book is about $50, plus $4.95 shipping/handling.

Types of Books
Wide variety of classics in beautiful, high quality bindings that will last for generations. Variety of authors from St. Augustine to Leonardo DaVinci to J.K. Rowling.

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